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Humanistically, here we will talk, discuss, agree and agree to disagree on matters human in the context of organisation. We shall also be having a peek on a book that we have read or something in it that catches our attention.

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The season of performance management is here – Part 1

It will be quarter four (4) of 2021 in a couple of weeks, meaning its performance management season for the organisations that run their systems using January to December calendar. It is thus the quarter where we start winding up the year and making plans for the new one. Preparation for the rainy season in cities, estates or village consists of activities such as cleaning and clearing trenches and storm drains. Digging out soil and

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Micro Managed

There is tapping on your window, you wake up startled because you were not expecting anyone. After all, you are in your countryside home where you arrived late at night. As you peek at the window you are met by the black beak of a colorful bird. You stand there trying to figure out why it is pecking on the window. On checking from outside it dawns on you that the bird is fighting its

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“No horse gets anywhere until he is harnessed. No stream or gas drives anything until it is confined. No Niagara is ever turned into light and power until it is tunnelled. No life ever grows great until it is focused, dedicated, disciplined”. Harry Emerson Fosdick This has been a year like none other. As it year comes to an end, there are people with regrets, some grief while many can sigh with relief yet many

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