Cedric Hardcastle: All my life I’ve been considered by my fellow men to be a cautious, boring, dull sort of fellow. I have often heard myself described as a safe pair of hands ‘you won’t go far wrong with Hardcastle’…

On the other side of the cautious, boring, dull coin, is etched a figure with a reputation garnered in the city of London over a lifetime. I now intend to take advantage of that reputation by calling in favours and debts that I have stored up, like a squirrel, for decades.

Most of us do not think much about the reputation we keep in our career, more so with the trend of numerous job changes. We have the notation of having a fresh start in the new organisation or industry.

There is need to keep a good reputation and store up good deeds as a squirrel. One day you might need to call in the favours stored over time.