Motorist know that waiting for the car to give the check engine sign is a bad way to take care of the motor vehicle. There are measures they take to ensure that this does not happen. An employee, sometimes you allow things that lead to scenario of check engine. At the workplace, this may come in many forms, such as warning letter, being put in a performance improvement program among many other.

So how do you ensure that your “check engine” light does not go on?

Positive attitude and positive energy are contagious, thus essential for success. Bring your positive attitude to work, makes you approachable and people want to work and collaborate with you. You get along better with colleagues thus succeed in your work and projects.

Promoting cooperation and teamwork within your team is vital to team success. Share responsibilities with others on your team. Do not be afraid to delegate tasks when appropriate. This will help you get more done, and help other members of the team feel more empowered. Encourage others to work together toward achieving goals or solving problems.

Dependable doesn’t mean showing up on time, although it’s a good start. Instead, it means that you should always finish tasks that are assigned to you. It also means doing what you say and being consistent. The last thing I would add about being dependable is showing your commitment through actions.

Integrity is about responsibility to yourself, your actions, and the consequences thereof. It is about having a strong sense of right and wrong that guides your behaviour in all aspects of life. Integrity means honouring commitments made or implied, being true to oneself as well as others and acting from sound motives rather than from selfish desires or self-interest.

Creativity is an essential part of the human experience. It allows us to be innovative and come up with new and interesting ideas, which can to be applied in a variety of ways. In today’s workplace, creativity is required by everyone from innovators who come up with new business models or designs every day.

One of the sort after skills is the ability to solve problems and think about how issues are resolved. A good problem solver will not just look at what is wrong, but also consider how things could go right. they’ll try different options until they find one that works well enough, then keep refining it until it works better than before or at least breaks even again.

Be that employee e that adopts the above, and you shall have checked your engine before the lights go off. This will ensure optimal production and increased chances of growth and development in the organisation.