Its that time of the year when organisations hold office parties. In the section; office party, how not to do the annual, the book provides the guide below.

Start it at 5 p.m instead of noon, so that the company doesn’t lose any man-hours.

Invite spouses so bosses and their secretaries don’t enjoy dancing together.

Make sure the top brass either doesn’t show up or puts in a token appearance.

Invite clients and suppliers to help reinforce their contempt for your company.

Skimp on the setting.

Cut corners on food and booze.

Save money on the music.

Kill two birds by combining it with the annual quarter-century-club party. then all your employees can see living examples of what 25 years in your outfit will do to what were once healthy human beings.

Better yet, turn the whole thing over to the head of the personnel department and tell him to use his or her best judgement.