Everyone has desires to be great at something in their life. Sometimes the day-to-day hustle and bustle get into the way, we found ourselves running out of time. Leaving our desire for greatness at the back burner. We have no to do practice or participate in what they desire to be great at. Once the day starts its full of to dos and distractions. In the digital age, distractions come in numerous forms.

The first rule identified in this book states that an addiction to distraction is the end of your creative production. Empire makers and history creators take one hour for themselves before dawn, in the serenity that lies beyond the clutches of complexity, to prepare themselves for a world class day. You cannot expect to ever be world class if you don’t carve out some time each morning to make yourself world class.  You start by protecting yourself from distraction.

This we can do by attaining a peak mental state , where our perception becomes heightened and we are available to original ideas rises and we access all new level of processing power. By carving for ourselves the first hour of the day to do what we desire to be great at, we attain a state of flow.

This is precisely how you need to work if you are serious about dominating your field and winning in your craft. Therefore, carve out at least an our to work on yourself, be it a health goal, a financial goal, a career development goal. Give yourself the best part of your day and you will see tremendous change in your life.