During the festive season and most organisations close their offices to observe the holiday’s end of the year. Some are closed for several weeks. For organisations that do not practice the above, they will advise most employees to take annual leave, hence only a small staff continues working.

Any sound organisation should have an Emergency Response and Recovery Plan (ERRP), the plan may include what to do with the facility and employees in case of an emergency. The plans are accessible and staff have trained on how to respond. In work places that are in remote areas, this may include evacuation.

A good self-service system should enable your employee be able to log in and activate deactivation of account where their electronic gadgets that are connected to their work have been stolen or breached. Employees too should have access to emergency services, especially when travelling to remote areas for work or festivities.

A good emergency response policy ought to make it easier for employees who are in a remote part of the country able to access emergency help, without having to call someone in the office to arrange it. These plans would be accessible in remote areas and able to offer the much needed help an employee would require.

 It’s crucial to note that accidents and incidents happen when least expected thus being prepared with a good working plan that all parties involved know how is important.

An organisation’s preparedness level is determined by how well the entire team knows of the plan and can execute the plan to completion with minimal help from outside. Therefore, this year, evaluate your organisation’s levels of preparedness and work towards making it better.

Are your employees capable of accessing evacuation facility offered by organization or medical cover plan reach your employees at their time of need? Are they able to directly access the services without calling someone from workplace?