Employees have left organisations many times because of having a terrible boss. Terrible bosses impact organisations by creating a toxic work environment, poor overall performance and loss of talent. Therefore, if the overall culture and environment of an organisation is conducive for outstanding performance and growth, one can quit the boss.

If quitting is not an option, one can quit the boss. There are several ways to do so. If you work in a large organisation, create a plan to up skill your skills and competencies to fit work in another department. Once you have the right skills and competences, approach your boss or the human resources, asking about moving to the other department. For this plan to succeed, start early collaborating with the other department, create solid networks, where collaboration is required with the other team to bring in your a game. This will shine a spotlight on you as a great worker and a great team addition.

You can quit your boss by talking to them on the issues that are making your working relationship difficult. Make it a formal meeting, not a side chat or coffee chat. Prepare yourself with solid facts and take notes of the discussion. If it doesn’t go well, it is important to notify the human resources of the meeting you had. Having an exit plan is also a strategy, especially where the boss may no longer wish to work with you and make the situation even more difficult.

Where the above options are not viable, we can choose to thrive in that workplace. Adaptability is one key component of any species’ survival requirements. You ask how I adapt to a workplace that makes it difficult to perform. One by changing one outlook, have a concrete goal on what you want to achieve despite the odds. If it’s performing to your utmost best, look for alternative ways to do that by circumventing the odds. Create a clan of positive and like-minded colleagues whom you can collaborate with. Create clear boundaries on when and where work starts and ends. Report and leave the workplace on time. Do not laze around during work hours. Ensure you cover all your required work within working hours. And, have a life outside your job, get hobbies and create social networks along with them. Use the time outside work to do things you enjoy and that bring you fulfilment.